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Re: [IP] Info on cataract surgery

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Date: Monday, March 27, 2000 11:11 AM
Subject: [IP] Info on cataract surgery

Lois said: email @ redacted

>I am hoping that some of you can give me information (from a patient's
>of view) regarding cataract surgery.  Specifically, the procedure, the
>recovery time, your satisfaction with the results in comparison to your
>pre-surgery vision, and possibility of complications. >

Lois I have had no experience of this but my Mother had one eye done, with
both of my sisters taking her there and staying with her and taking her
home.  She was amazed at the results and the little discomfort she had.
When she had her other eye done one sister took her and brought her home but
that night she decided to go bowling, she drove herself.  I don't think any
of us kids thought that was wise but we could not convince her.  The fact
remained she had no discomfort.  She got her average bowling that night.
Her eye sight is much improved. I forget the readings before and after her
surgeries but she was very happy with the results.

She is not a Diabetic, she does have high blood pressure.  This does not
answer your question on retinopathy but the only history I have on the
procedure is that it was very easy.

Tom Carlson

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