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Re:[IP] 3 am's forever?

<<<<Trust me...a night of NOT waking up at 3 am to 
test your bg will not hurt 
you, or your child...just fix it in the morning 
and get ON with the day!>>>>

Sorry, I can not agree in this case. I think with children, we as parents
have to be somewhat more diligent.  How would I fix not having checked on
him at 3am (possibly finding his bg at 30, because he ran laps hours
earlier and I didn't know, and his normal basal rate goes up at that time
to account for dawn phen.) and finding him at 7am in a coma or worse? Some
things can NOT be fixed, and I don't know if I could ever get on with my
days again.  Every person is different, and some may not need to check
regularly middle of the night (whenever your middle of the night may be),
but I can't imagine my regret of waking up when I didn't really need to
would ever come close to my regret of not waking up when it could have
made a difference. Just my .02
-Rae, Ryan's mom 

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