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Re: [IP] I'm baaaaaack....and some thoughts


Glad your back.  I use the Rapid 8mm and find it quite comfortable.  I don't 
hit as many capillaries since using it.  Had trouble with all the others.  I 
always thump on it after I put it in.  If it hurts at all it comes back out, 
wipe it off and put it back in somewhere else.  That is the nice part of 
using the rapid.  Here is something that I do that for me is easier than 
carrying a complete set change for those times like last evening for you.  I 
carry a Humalog Pen at all times.  I replace it the 1st of each month.  Now 
so far I have never had to use it (probably would forget how if I did have to 
use it) but it is so nice to have a back up and not have to worry.  Of course 
it is a little tricky to take care of the basals but you just have to follow 
your best judgment and go with what you think is right.  It is only a 
temporary thing and it is better than having 250's hanging around for all 
that time and wanting to eat and can't.

Good luck,
Nancy 35 years D 12 years pumping
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