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RE: [IP] Buying cannulas separately

<< I am amazed at how expensive the supplies are. They say they're
expensive to manufacture. But I suspect its cuz there is no competition and
they can charge us what they like. I'd like to be able to buy the cannula
ends by themselves for the times when the site comes loose. But they don't
sell them separately. >>

I ran into something last night and am wondering if anyone else has had this
problem.  I have been on the pump for almost a month.  I was told when I was
1/2 way through supplies to order more.  I am very insulin resistant so I
change my site every day.  Therefore a 3 month supply would last a month and
a 1/2.  I called to order supplies and was told m insurance may not cover
them because they just sent me supplies in February.  That's great I
thought - what the heck am I supposed to do in the mean time.  Not use
supplies? reuse supplies? Any suggestions???????

I'll try anything once.

IDDM 15 yrs
Pumping Almost 1 month

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