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Subject: [IP] Convince the doctor

Margaret, as I read you intro post, I shuddered and thought how I couldn't
even handle 9 kids, let alone 5 of them having a chronic illness.  I hoped
that your post was a hoax, that no one had that much burden to bear, but a
second post makes me think that you are really doing this......

I do not think that there is an endo alive who could even conceive of a
household routine that involves 5 diabetic kids - so what does he / she know
about how many pumps you could handle.  It is fairly labor intensive to
start up pumps, so I might do a couple at a time, starting with the older
ones who are already approved.  You will learn much, and I would think that
the subsequent pump starts would be easier from all that you learn with the
first couple.  Then, if all is going well, you will have much more
ammunition to use on your younger three's endo to get pumps started.

Nancy Morgan

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