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Subject: [IP] Mixing insulins

Hi Kerri,
When Jenna's sites didn't last and I learned about mixing insulins from the
IP list, I asked our endo about it.  He told me that he couldn't think of
any reason why that should work, had never seen anything in the medical
literature, and didn't want us "experimenting" on one so young as Jenna (she
was also 9 at the time).  At first, I heeded his advice, and we just changed
site every other day, but then I thought, what could possibly be the harm?
It just insulin we're mixing - not snake oil or herbs or something.  It took
me a few months to work up the courage to tell him that we were doing, and
he was rather non-chalant about it.  Now that he's seen it work for Jenna,
he recommends it for other kids whose sites aren't lasting.  He even told me
at our last visit that he's "always learning" from his patients and thanked
me for the tip on the mix.  I don't think you'll find anything in writing
about it, but there's enough experience on this list to tell you that it
works whether anyone has done a formal research project on it or not.

Nancy Morgan, MD (family practice) as well as Jenna's mom.....

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