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Re: [[IP] Buying cannulas separately]

Andrew Aronoff <email @ redacted> wrote:
> I agree with everything you said. I would also like to buy JUST the 
> cannulas so I can change the site without changing the reservoir or the 
> rest of the tubing. It's a waste to change the cannula and throw out the 
> bulk of the tubing.
> Obviously, the pump manufacturers make most of their money on the infusion 
> sets and other supplies. 

Actually the pump manufactures do NOT make the Silhouettes, Tenders,
or Comforts. They are all made in Denmark by a different company, purchased
from them OEM by MiniMed, Disetronics, or Chronimed and sold.

Still, nothing's preventing them from making a 
> nice profit on a package of 10 or 20 cannulas, but selling them at a price 
> that would justify their purchase.

The companies we buy them from are not directly in control of how they
are packaged.
> If an infusion set costs $8-10 (they cost only pennies to make--the high 
> price is needed to recoup investment, to pay the bills, to assure future 
> investment, and for profit), figure the cannula part alone should cost 
> about $6. So if they sell 10 cannulas for $60, I'll buy 'em.
> < MM told me that they will not sell them separately until there is A GREAT


OK, but Disetronics and Chronimed also need to be pushed for this to happen.
Maersk, the company that makes them in Denmark won't make a separate package
JUST for MiniMed, I'm sure. So if you're going to push 1 
middle man supplier you're going to have to push all of them, or nothing will
change. That's how OEM suppliers work.
Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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