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[IP] Frozen grapes (was Healthy Eating)

YES YES YES!!!  they are great, and taste so sweet, but its only because
they are frozen solid.
To tell a horrible story, imho, my hubby and I used to freeze a few bags,
and in the house we used to live in, in Erie Pa, we would go to the attic
and get a slingshot, and there was a park across the street.  We would
slingshot frozen grapes over to the park at night and see who could hit the
tree's the most!!  It was such fun and brings back a few memories, we once
almost hit the man from the gas station across the street!  That had us
rolling in stitches in our attic!!  :)
Anyway yes to the grapes, got a little off track, but had to share a fun
memory that had nothing to do to diabetes, but had to do with fun.

"Anyone ever try frozen seedless grapes?


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