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[IP] Buying cannulas separately

<< I am amazed at how expensive the supplies are. They say they're 
expensive to manufacture. But I suspect its cuz there is no competition and 
they can charge us what they like. I'd like to be able to buy the cannula 
ends by themselves for the times when the site comes loose. But they don't 
sell them separately. >>

I agree with everything you said. I would also like to buy JUST the 
cannulas so I can change the site without changing the reservoir or the 
rest of the tubing. It's a waste to change the cannula and throw out the 
bulk of the tubing.

Obviously, the pump manufacturers make most of their money on the infusion 
sets and other supplies. Still, nothing's preventing them from making a 
nice profit on a package of 10 or 20 cannulas, but selling them at a price 
that would justify their purchase.

If an infusion set costs $8-10 (they cost only pennies to make--the high 
price is needed to recoup investment, to pay the bills, to assure future 
investment, and for profit), figure the cannula part alone should cost 
about $6. So if they sell 10 cannulas for $60, I'll buy 'em.

< MM told me that they will not sell them separately until there is A GREAT 

Well then, let's ask together and prove them wrong about the lack of demand.

The IP list members can help make it happen. All we have to do is support 
this publicly. The pump reps that receive this newsletter will get the 
message. If not, then there are other steps we could take, but one step at 
a time.

< So, everyone who has this need, please make noise to MM and create a 
demand so many of us can save a significant amount of money. I don't think 
we have to worry about MM going broke over selling a few less packages of 
tubing. >

They're entitled to a healthy profit, but we're entitled to be able to buy 
what we need.

So, IP members, if you'd like to be able to buy the cannulas separately, 
say so here. Let's see if a pump rep answers. If not and if there's enough 
interest by the members, another step would be proposed.

regards, Andy 

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