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Re: [[IP] Info on cataract surgery]

email @ redacted wrote:
> I am hoping that some of you can give me information (from a patient's point

> of view) regarding cataract surgery.  Specifically, the procedure, the 
> recovery time, your satisfaction with the results in comparison to your 
> pre-surgery vision, and possibility of complications. 

I had both of mine done in 1987, so the answers I give may be a bit dated,
though I think it largely still holds true. I was in the operating room about
45 minutes, and was scheduled to be the first patient of the day to avoid
complicating my diet. This WAS pre-pump for me, so it will likely be a bit
simpler for you.

After the surgery they put me in a farily normal room with several other 
patients who had had the same, but only for an hour or so before they brought
in the next batch of patients. Then they took me and my wife home in the same
limosine that they took us there in.....

I had to be careful for a week or so, no heavy lifting or rapid up/down
movements of my head until the stitches were removed and things stabilized. No
real problems except waiting for my vision to stabilize enough to get glasses
prescribed for it about 3 months later. Felt a bit strange going around with 1
lens out and the other in.

Vision was and is SO much clearer than pre-surgery. No comparison really 
possible. It also corrected my near-sightedness and gave me a mid-range focal
point. I need to wear progressive bifocals to give various ranges of vision
since my implants have fixed focal length.

One thing that concerns 
> me is that my ophthalmologist mentioned that the surgery can precipitate 
> retinopathy.  I have no signs of retinopathy and would really hate to bring
it on by having a cataract removed!  

I was never told this and have no retinopathy yet. Though I will add that
after 44 years of diabetes if I hadn't gootten retinopathy long ago I'm
not likely to, but ask me after my ophthamologist's appointment tomorrow...

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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