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Re: [IP] Healthy eating?

Yes, I think I eat healthier than most folks.  I choose to be vegetarian (I
don't like how meat tastes), I don't eat much cheese (again I hate it.
Friends make fun of me saying I'm a doofus  - thanks to that Cheese Campaign
ad).  VBG
I drink only soy milk (good for heart) and eat lots of veggies and whole
wheat products.   I tend to eat fat free as well, this is again a CHOICE due
to an inherited risk of heart disease in our family, never mind that I am
Type 1 diabetic.   I can see on the scale if I'm eating a lot of 'crap' - it
immediately shows up.   I like to eat healthy, it makes me feel healthier,
and knowing that I am making a conscientious decision on behalf of my body
gives me some peace of mind.  Just my two cent's worth.

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