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[IP] High cost of supplies

Hi  Friends,  I just did a search of the archives re:  the high cost of
supplies which shouldn't really matter to me because my Blue Cross pays
for them.  Thought there would be endless dialogue about how the
companies are overcharging for  the cost of pump supplies due to lack of
competition.  Although I don't have to pay for them, it seems
unacceptable to be paying $14 for each site I insert (that's in Canadian
pseudo $).  And that doesn't include all the extras like swabs and IV
prep etc.  I wondered if there were any other suppliers where you might
get them cheaper.  (in Canada)
I did find a reference to the different form of packaging available with
5 sets to 10 cannula parts.  I thought this might be a good option for
me because my tapes often come unstuck due to a vigorous workout I do 4
times a week.  (Lots of sweating and movement causes the glue to weaken
and sometimes the set just comes out (sigh).)But when I checked out the
prices, they told me it was $170 for the 12 sofsets (with only 1 cannula
end each) vs. $140 for 5 sofsets with 10 cannula ends.  The math just
doesn't work out for me.  Either way it works out to $14/site.  I am
amazed at  how expensive the supplies are.  They say they're expensive
to manufacture but I don't know about that.  I'd like to be able to buy
the cannula ends by themselves for the times when the site comes loose.
But they don't sell them separately.  Wish they would.  Any advice?

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