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[IP] I'm baaaaaack....and some thoughts

Hey all  -

Must say I've missed the list this past three weeks!  Picked my hubby up at
the Spokane airport yesterday, drove home today, and must also say that he
was sorely missed as well!!!   I'm glad to be back.   Thanks especially to
Charisma for forwarding my last message a while back!  Thank you thank you
thank you!!!

Pumping thus far has been wonderful.   I went for 7, count 'em, 7 straight
days of readings between 70 to 138.  (Considering I used to ride the 'roller
coaster' this is a huge payoff for me!!!).   Yippee!   I had another
appointment with my CDE who went over some things with me, said she was
pleased with how things were going.  THEN......

.....last night my hubby, friends and I decided to go to the Outback Steak
House (note I'm a vegetarian, but that didn't stop me!!!  VBG) for dinner.
I changed my set around four last night.  I decided I could wait until 5:30
to check my sugar and make sure the new site was going well.   So, we're at
our friends house, waiting to go, and I decided to test.   243.  Uh-oh.   I
thought to myself, 'Well, I just need to bolus to bring it down, if it
doesn't work, it's a bad site.'  In the back of my mind I was thinking
'Well, I also disconnected for a couple of hours earlier to sit in the hot
tub, etc. for an hour, so maybe it's just due to that.'   We end up going to
dinner at six, I test again, and it's staying pretty steady at a 241.   I
started getting worried that it would be a while before we could get back to
the hotel so I could change it, so I didn't eat dinner.  I drank diet soda
and wished like mad that I could have a cup of their creamy potato soup.
VBG   Checked again in an hour.   220.   Checked again in an hour.   198.
At nine I checked again (back to our friends house by now) and it has come
down to a 99.   I told my hubby to take me back to the hotel because I think
I know what's wrong.

And by golly, I did.   I took the canula out, there was blood in the bottom
half of it, and blood came running out of the site.  I hit a capillary (or
something) so thus, the insulin wasn't getting absorbed right!!!   And
thanks to this list, I knew that!  So, I only had one set left (this one a
Rapid 10mm) and I used that, woke up with a regular sugar, and have been
normal all day today.  Lessons learned:   carry a syringe and insulin with
you!   Carry more sets with you!   Whew.   And that leads to my question.
How can I find out what length Rapid is going to work best for me?   I think
I'd like to try the 8mm, since this one is 'pinching' a bit when I move
certain ways.  I am wondering if a smaller needle might help with that.
It'd be nice to have so I can insert them in odd places (I must admit to
having to take a 'breather' for five minutes before I put the Tender
in.......that long needle has freaked me out every time I insert a set, I
don't think I could handle putting it in my butt or on an arm or something.
I'm a big chicken.  Cluck).

Anyway, welcome to all the new people on the list, I still have...245
messages to sort through, so you may see something from me in a bit again!
Dawn, who never knew freedom came on a tether....except for last night when
the tether wasn't working!!!  hahahaha

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