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Re: [IP] Healthy eating?

>Curtis Lomax said

>We eat less healthy than before D.  Now the prepackaged food is labeled (in
>US)and is just so easy to count.

January 99 I finally gained enough will power start eating more
consistently.  We had always hate well but I was always wanting more.  We
started looking for cook books that would be easy to count, easy to fix,
filling, and healthy for you.  The cook books that we found that fit all of
these points were written by JoAnna Lund.  She has 4 rules for a recipe to
be in one of her many books
1.     If it takes longer to cook it than to eat it, forget it.
2.    If I can't find the ingredients in my local supermarket, then the
recipe doesn't go in the book.
3.    Every recipe has to be low in fat and sugar and high in taste appeal.
4.    `Healthy Exchanges food has to satisfy the hungry appetite of her
truck-drivin' husband Cliff.

We have not found a recipe that was not delicious.  We also learned that you
could not judge the recipe with out making it.  Some of them sounded

I think that these books helped me loose the 50 some pounds in the last 15
months without feeling like I was not satisfied.

I hope these can help someone the way i feel they helped me.

Tom Carlson

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