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Re: [IP] Healthy eating?

33 years of Diabetes with no real problems is due to eating healthy.  I
forget what the number was but years ago my doctor wanted to check my
cholesterol.  I had never had it checked.  He was saying he wanted it below
250 I think,  I think it was around 200.  Then starting 5 years ago when I
would have lab work done annually.  Everyone would comment how low it always
was.  The only reason, is eating right, or at least not wrong all the time.
It is fun to eat wrong some of the time.

We eat allot of Vegies but my favorite is raw carrots and since baby carrots
have been sold it is a lot easier.  We bring home 4 or 5 pound twice a week.
The grocer grumbles if we go on vacation be cause he has extras on the

Tom Carlson

>In a message dated 3/26/00 8:35:08 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
>email @ redacted writes:
><< So, do IP'ers as a group think
> that they eat "healthier" than the average American family because they're
> diet-aware, or do we eat just as much junk, and it happened to be a good
> shopping cart day in Lenoir, NC? >>
>"Healthy shopper" here. My cart always seems to be loaded with fresh
>chicken, fish and stuff like that. But those are my preferred foods. That's
>not to say that I always eat healthy -- but I both enjoy cooking and figure
>that if I have to pay attention to everything that goes into my mouth, it's
>going to be the best that I can make it. When I go out is sometimes a
>different story. That's when the pizza and beer (and wicked desserts, etc.)
>come in.  :-)
>Jan (and Elvis)

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