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Re: [IP] Re: Healthy Eating

In a message dated 3/27/00 3:34:49 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<  For a very long
time, my absolute favorite snack (well, if I was offered ice cream or cake
for a snack I would have chosen that, but that was never an option... those
were desserts, and if I did have them in the middle of the day, it would
only be after a different snack) was frozen vegtables still frozen,
especially green beans and lima beans.  >>

Gee, I never got into those, but I still will snack on frozen peas (and 
occasionally corn).  Ran into the mother of a peer of my 30 year old son's 
that used to spend time at our house as a preschooler, and she remembered me 
mainly as the one who introduced her daughter to frozen peas.  Of course, I 
became diabetic in the days when peas were a vegetable on the exchange list 
:-)  I was also (and to a lesser  degree still am) an avid carrot eater, to 
the extent that as a child my palms were sometimes a funny orange color.  
What many restaurants are serving doesn't really even seem like food to me.  

But on a less cheerful note, another reason my grocery cart is usually filled 
with healthy things (mostly vegetables, very little processed food) is that I 
sometimes pig out on junk food when I buy it, probably partly from never 
having learned normal body system controls about eating.  So I just find it 
easier not to buy it.  My children had my permission to go up to the local 
convenience store when they wanted such treats, and both have turned out to 
be very healthy eaters. 

Linda Z 
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