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Re: Re[IP] Am I reading this right?

In a message dated 3/26/00 8:08:16 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<< But I read the article.  And they are claiming that this insulin resistance

in Type 1's can also lead to heart problems same as with Type 2s.  I really

don't think I have any insulin resistance, >>

I was a classic type 1, diagnosed at age 8 in 1955.  I also for some years 
have had a tendency to insulin resistance:  if my weight goes up at all, if I 
don't get exercise, my insulin needs can more than double very quickly (not 
to mention illness, hormones, etc.)  And I began having angina problems at 
age 40, even tho at age 53 I have not made it through menopause.  So maybe it 
is me rather than you they are talking about :-)

Linda Z
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