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Re: [IP] security checks

>Elisa Zalk <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My diestronic rep  (who is diabetic and wears the pump) told me to not go
> through the security at airports. He said it has caused problems
> to the pump programming itself.

  	This rep shouldn't be allowed to be a rep.  He is either lying or
ignorant.  The metal detectors cannot do damage to anything in the pump.

> He said to carry a letter from your endo explaining you
> have a pump and can not go through.

	Actually a letter might not do you any good anyway.  Whether to
honor such letters is at the discretion of the security guard supervisor.
All the yelling a screaming and hypos you can produce won't get you around
that detector if they think it is in the interest of security to require
it--and anyway those hand held detectors work on the same principle.
So relax and enjoy the flight :-)

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