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[IP] niggling weird questions pre-pump


make sure you save your original post so in a few months you can look back 
and realize these weren't wierd niggling questions at all!!

#1 I have no sugestions about how to keep the pump attached to your rebel 
son, but I tell ya, he rips out the site once or twice, he WILL learn not to 
do it!  I too have been know to rp my pants off cuz I had to GO NOW!!!   and 
suffered the consequnces - losing perfectly good sites, having to waste time 
to do another site change when I was in a hurry anyway....so he will 
learn...just be patient.  takes getting used to, like touching a hot 
stove...how many times you gonna do it before you realize it is a pain?  I do 
like the staple gun idea...and the duct tape...the goo from that couldn't be 
any worse than the electrical tape I have used in a pinch...

filling the cartridge - are you using a MNMD - i wasn't sure if D is 
different - For MNMD, you just put the big oversize syringe in the insulin 
bottle, blow in some air, and fill er up like an old fashioned 
injection...but no WAY would I want a poke from that needle!!!

>  Now, does it get easier, or was I possibly doing something 
> wrong.  I have no problem taking time to get used to stuff

yes you will get used to it...site changes start out taking TIME...6 minutes 
is great for a newbie!  you will soon have it done to mere minutes and your 
rocket man can be off and running full tilt

>  getting myself THOROUGHLY wet with saline--

ughh don't do this with insulin - it stinks!!!

RE losing basal during changes:

1st, do not remove the old site FIRST.  just un plug or unhook, ONCE youhave 
the new site it!!  that way he misses NO basal.  Leave the old site in a 
while - he will not get more insulin from that site, but any insulin that may 
be pooled there that has already been bolused will have a chance to absorb.  
if you rip it out immediately, chances ar eyou will see a little drop of 
insulin back out of hte hole...doesn't look like much, but you know how 
little is in that bowl after bolusng into it...so.  leave the old site 
it...put in the new site.  If  it makes you feel better, youcan bolus for any 
amount of missed bolus, but i don't recommend it...you will bolus .6 - 1.0 to 
fill the empty canula and it is always a good idea to check a few hours after 
a change to make sure it is working...you won't reallly even know if the 
missed bolus is a problem or not...Besides, a 10 minute period of time is 
ONLY .1 of one unit if his basal rate is .6 per hour...and even LESS if the 
basal is less than that...not enough to stress about...

>  ...well, there is no pump pushing the old insulin line in,but 
> wouldn't it still be sorta vacuuming into the site? 

no - htere is no pressure onthe outside pushing it in...

kick ass tomorrow!

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