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[IP] Healthy eating?


Just cuz you have the knowledge and power doesn't make a bit of difference if 
you don't USE it!!  

My shopping cart usually contains "relatively" healthy stuff, but it also has 
regular old food that I like to eat!  lo-sodium tomato soup, light yogurt, 
lo-fat milk and cottage cheese, frozen waffles, frozen pasta/ravioli, Ragu. 
whole wheat bread, low fat tortillas, sliced lunchmeats, water packed tuna 
fish, real cheddar cheese, diet soda cuz I LIKE it, a few pieces of fruit, 
maybe applesauce, juicy juice boxes, some carrots....then maybe a package of 
whatever cookies are on sale, maybe some ice cream if the good brands are on 
sale, fruit jam for my toast, capn crunch or maybe honey nut shredded wheat, 
honey for my tea

I do not cook, other than maybe some turkey chili, scrambled eggs and an 
awesome apple tart, so it is a darn good thing everything is labeled so I 
know what carbs I am eating...what is the point of having a pump if you don't 
allow yourself to eat like a normal person?  I mean, never eating ice cream?  
wow....I am in awe?  I would not want to live without my occasional splurge 
on Samoa Edys or oreos...mmmmbaby!

My problem with Healthy Choice, particulary the cookies and cracker products 
is that they are really no lower in fat than the regular items and cost even 
more!  i mean compare the serving size and the nutrition value of the 
chocolate chhip cookies to chips ahoy minis - not enough difference to 
justify the price difference!!!!  besides the very slightly higher fat inthe 
hcips ahoy slows down the carbs and I don't need as much insulin for THEM as 
I do for the healthy choice!

I get comments on my grocery cart too...pasta, apples, diet coke, lo fat 
milk, carrots...and ice cream...but usually it is someone from my gym who has 
just seen me working my butt to death.  I couldn't care less what people 
think about what is in my cart as it relates to diabetes, but to be caught 
with oreos and no salad greens after a workout is really embarrassing!!  
Personally, if a stranger asked me WHY I was or wasn't eating something, I 
would never "explain" that I have diabetes, like it was some kind of "excuse" 
- I would give them a "did that stupid remark really come out of your mouth" 
look and if that didn't shut them up, I'd tell them to kiss my big ole white 
bread-fed American butt!

When I eat out, which is fairly often living in NYC where there are 42 
restaurants in the the 3 blocks between me and work, I have whatever I am in 
the mood for...chicken fingers, a thai salad, omelette with feat cheese and 
toast, cashew chicken with cold sesame noodles, spinach calzone.  Sure, i 
think about my cholesterol, my weight and my blood sugar, blah blah blah, but 
then I take my cholesterol medicine, go to the gym regularly, test my blood 
often and take my insulin...I am NOT gonna live in a little padded box eating 
only measured quantities of boring food - life is for living, not hiding 
from!  had a doctor tell me once that I shouldn't ski or jump on trampolines 
since they were so dangerous, and I had broken bones on both things...yeah, 
well I broke my ankle walking down the street once too - did he mean I 
shouldn't walk?  and I broke my wrist ice skating...and I get a headache when 
I study, so maybe I shouldn't go to school...HA

Sara...livin' la vida loca!
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