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RE: [IP] security checks

Elisa Zalk <email @ redacted> wrote:

> My diestronic rep  (who is diabetic and wears the pump) told me to not go
> through the security at airports. He said it has caused problems
> to the pump programming itself.

I've had the pump 4 years now, and have logged over 40,000 miles in that
time (and I know I'm not the most-frequent-flier on this list).  Never once
have I had a problem with the pump going through the security gate.  Once I
was stopped by a guard who saw it and didn't know what it was, but that
didn't involve the pump getting messed up, just a person who didn't know
what it was.

There's various forms of metal detectors and security gates all over the
place now -- from the entrances of amusement parks to many mall stores.  I'm
not sure you'd even be ABLE to avoid the ones in, say, store entrances
(they're not quite the same as "metal detectors" since they're usually
scanning for security tags, but...)

> He said to carry a letter from your endo explaining you
> have a pump and can not go through.

Carrying a letter explaining the pump is still a good idea anyway, in case
security personnel ever question it, but I personally have never been told
that I "can't go through".

I'll ask my rep next time I see her if the guidelines have changed for the
new models or something.

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Programming  today is a race between  software engineers striving to build
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