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[IP] Supplies

Marilyn wrote>

Date: Sun, 26 Mar 2000 16:59:03 -0800
From: Marilyn Wolovick <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] cost of supplies

Hi Michael and Friends,  I just did a search of the archives re:  the
high cost of supplies and found reference to the different form of
packaging available with 5 sets to 10 cannula parts.  I thought this
might be a good option for me because my tapes often come unstuck due to
a vigorous workout I do 4 times a week.  (Lots of sweating and movement
causes the glue to weaken and sometimes the set just comes out
(sigh).)But when I checked out the prices, they told me it was $170 for
the 12 sofsets (with only 1 cannula end each) vs. $140 for 5 sofsets
with 10 cannula ends.  The math just doesn't work out for me.
I am amazed at  how expensive the supplies are.  They say they're
expensive to manufacture.  But I suspect its cuz there is no competition
and they can charge us what they like.  I'd like to be able to buy the
cannula ends by themselves for the times when the site comes loose.  But
they don't sell them separately.  Wish they would.  Any advice?  Thx.
- ----------------------------------------------------------
I have been asking MM to please sell the canula ends for the silhoutte 
separatel for over a year.  After all the package them that way.  But the 
best they will do for me is the 10 /5 package.    So I have a drawer full 
of never used tubing (don't ask me why I am saving it, other than to tie up 
my tomato plants).   MM told me that they will not sell them separately 
until there is A GREAT ENOUGH DEMAND!  So I continue to beg them each time 
I place an order, but feel like I am the only one doing so.  I hate paying 
my hard come by money for supplies I do not need. I have site problems and 
have to change sites often.  Because of that I would like 20 canula ends to 
5 tubing only sets.   Why can't I get them?

So, everyone who has this need, please make noise to MM and create a demand 
so many of us can save a significant amount of money.  I don't think we 
have to worry about MM going broke over selling a few less packages of 

Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL
Where anyone who has a way to get red clay out of carpet, socks, clothes, 
etc., would be a millionaire!!)
[Bonnie Richardsn]

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