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Re: [IP] type II follow up

email @ redacted wrote:

> I have had some serious lows myself lately nad am suspecting I am goping the
> way of the family history (Type II except my son Paddy who is Type I) but
> the doc was not thinking that possible since I am having all lows, and only
> two slightly elevated fasting bg(145, 130)  She ordered and A1C but I
> suspect it will be "goos" since I have had so many lows.

Charisma, those AREN'T "slightly" elevated fasting BGs -- those, IF
they're lab values, are DIAGNOSTIC of Type 2 diabetes.  The criterion
for diagnosis of Type 2 is two fasting BGs above 126.

Don't let Paddy's Type 1 patterns fool you into thinking that "slight"
elevations aren't dangerous -- there are lots of Type 2's with serious
complications that can tell you otherwise.

That, plus the fact that you have a young son who will be needing you
for quite a while to come means that you need to take care of yourself,
including doing all you can to keep your own BGs in normal ranges!!!

Good luck!!! 
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