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[IP] bolusing for lows

In a message dated 03/26/2000 9:43:20 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< even when treating lows, I bolus for half as I often overeat to
 make sure I go up. >>

We do this with Allison too.  She often wants to eat about 22 Carbs to bring 
up a low of 50 and that is way too much for her.  So we bolus for about half 
and it works great.  It usually only takes about 5 - 10 to bring her up from 
a low.  If we bolus for half she is right in normal range and not way over.  
Or sometimes I give her a juicy juice and then a snack.  We bolus for the 
snack, but let the juicy juice cover the high.  Do others do this too, or it 
this out of the ordinary?

Susan (mom to Allie 11, dx'd 8/98 and pumping 12/99)
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