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Re: [IP] clothing

I am so happy for you that your pumping days are soon to begin! I have been 
pumping almost 4 months now. I have not purchased much in "special" clothing 
for wearing my pump. I will just add a couple of suggestions to what has 
already been said in responses to your question. I now wear P.J.s and 
nighties with a pocket in them and just put the pump in the pocket at night 
when I sleep. I toss and turn a lot and so that way the pump goes with 
me...I do not even worry about it. With the odd nightime wear that does not 
have a pocket, I just use the baby sock trick.
When dressing up I have done two things; I have pinned the baby sock to my 
bra under my arm then put the pump in it. I also purchased a garter and a 
pair of "Stay-Ups". When wearing a tight fitting fancy dress, I just slipped 
the pump into the top of the Stay-up on the inside of my leg where it stayed 
snug and safe and accessible for the whole dinner and dance! That reminds 
me...I am suppose to send a picture to Michael!
All the best with your Pumping!
Carolyn....Happily Pumping :o)

>Soon to begin pumping...interested in what special clothing or things to
>wear you'd recommend? And, where to buy them.  thanks!! Diana

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