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Re: [IP] Re: Spiking After Meals

Another way to deal with this potential big bolus problem is simply to just
split the meal bolus in half (or thirds if needed).  Then just give the
second half an hour or hour and a half later.  I find this a whole lot
easier than fussing with the increased basal, but the end result is the
same :-)

Jose writes:
>Hey hey hey... Wait a minute... Basal Rates are used to keep
>constant the blood sugar, NOT to "kill" the meal. This task is
>done by the BOLUS.

I agree that this is usually the case. Not everyone responds according to
the textbooks though. If I take a bolus big enough to prevent the big spike
I go too low at hour four. The question now becomes which is more important,
using the pump in the "usual" manner, or controlling my sugar? I chose the
latter. Again, as I said before,  YMMV.

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