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Re: [IP] Healthy eating?

Hi Nancy, 

 Oh yes, almost every trip to the grocery store brings a comment.  Of course, 
almost everything I eat is fake.  Like no fat or very little, diet pop, low 
fat cheese, low sugar, low this and low that da,da,da,da!  I buy only Healthy 
Choice products because I live alone and I hate cooking so I just microwave 
everything.  I eat a Healthy Choice everyday for lunch, and another for 
dinner.  I do eat out but I usually have the lowest fat thing I can find on 
the menu and that ain't always easy.

I eat almost the same thing everyday except when I eat out.  And my shopping 
cart has the same thing in it every week. Comments at the register range from 
how can you stand to eat that stuff to don't you ever eat anything good?  So 
then I just try to be as curt as I can and say well, I'm a diabetic and I 
would like to live a good healthy life.  That usually finds them saying oh I 
guess you better then?  But don't you get tired of it?  I say Do you get 
tired of Coke, chips and Pizza?  Didn't think so.  
I really don't mind eating the same thing as long as I get to go out now and 
then and have something a little more like real food.  I still never eat 
fried foods or any goodies that are full of fat.  Never ice cream always 
yogurt or some substitute.

Nancy, 35 years D 12 years pumping.
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