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Re: [[IP] cost of supplies]]

Marilyn Wolovick <email @ redacted> wrote:
> From:  email @ redacted
> Hi Michael and Friends,  I just did a search of the archives re:  the
> high cost of supplies and found reference to the different form of
> packaging available with 5 sets to 10 cannula parts.  I thought this
> might be a good option for me because my tapes often come unstuck due to
> a vigorous workout I do 4 times a week.  (Lots of sweating and movement
> causes the glue to weaken and sometimes the set just comes out
> (sigh).)

Sounds like you should look at Silhouettes (aka Tenders or Comforts). They
seem to stick a whole lot better because the design has a large tape pad
attached to the canula base which holds very well for most people, not even
needing overtaping. They also have other advantages.

But when I checked out the prices, they told me it was $170 for
> the 12 sofsets (with only 1 cannula end each) vs. $140 for 5 sofsets
> with 10 cannula ends.  

This IS Sofsets. made by MiniMed? Last i knew they didn't sell them this
way, only Comforts/Tenders/Silhouettes did. Of course I haven't looked at
SofSets for some time, since the Comforts work so much better, and I've used
them for about 5 years now.

The math just doesn't work out for me.
> I am amazed at  how expensive the supplies are.  They say they're
> expensive to manufacture.  But I suspect its cuz there is no competition

I would say you're paying entirely too much for them anyway. My
Comforts cost $123 for a 5/10 Combo pack, and they are usually priced close to
Sofsets. This isn't from the cheapest source either, MiniMed sells them (as
Silhouettes) for less than that, though I've read some complaints about
MiniMed's order handling, so I buy mine from an outside supplier. You might
want to check prices with ExpressMed (colummbus OH)
at 1-800-678-5733, for example.

> and they can charge us what they like.  I'd like to be able to buy the
> cannula ends by themselves for the times when the site comes loose.  But
> they don't sell them separately.  Wish they would.  Any advice?  Thx.
> Ps This was returned to me.  The only reason I can think of is because
> my access to the pumper's members pages is without capital letters. 

Doubtful, since Internet usually doesn't car if there are capital letters or
small. I saw this message before now, so I think it actually wnt through and
Internet hiccoughed an error message back to you in error....

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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