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Re: [IP] clothing

I have been pumping over 4 yrs now! I cannot believe it. And in all of this
time I have not had a need to buy any special clothing at all. The only
little thing I bought was a baby bootie sock to wear tucked into my bra
when I wore some special dresses at my 3 children's wedding which all took
place with one year and 3 weeks of each other.
Otherwise I have not had a need to use anything special. I do use a leather
pump holder for my MM 507c. I would like to get another one or 2 of them
but I am not sure MM still makes the model for the 507C. When I had my
disetronic pump I used the pump holder from unique pump store. 
AOl IM chat ID riverbijou

At 08:45 PM 03/26/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>www.uniaccs.com - lots of cool toys	
>Soon to begin pumping...interested in what special clothing or 
>to wear you'd recommend? And, where to buy them.  thanks!! Diana

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