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Re: [IP] Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor?

<< WHOA--I musta  missed a couple of posts here.  This exists on the common
market?  Where does one procure one?
Which type of bank would one rob to finance this?  A local credit union or a
Swiss one?
Charisma :) >>


This is currently a product available only to doctors. They purchase the
device, and attach it to their patients for 3 days. At the end of the
three-day period,  your doctor downloads the monitor data into a computer
and it produces an Excel spreadsheet. I wore the CGMS in December. My
results are on the IP website (MiniMed has now linked to this page!) right


You can see what kinds of peaks and valleys occured in-between my
finger-stick tests. I had no idea that I was going so low at night -- I was
sleeping right through it. I have since adjusted my basal rates to compensate. 

This is a good way to iron out problems with basals, or timing of insulin. 

Mary Jean

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