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[IP] Type 1 and insulin resistence (was..am I reading this right?)

<<...And they are claiming that this insulin resistance
in Type 1's can also lead to heart problems same as with Type 2s. >>

If the article was correct, then why would the author, make a statement about 
someone with insulin resistence producing more insulin to overcome the 
resisitence if the individual is a Type 1? Sounds to me as if the author had 
some facts mixed up.

There is some data about Type 1's becoming insulin resistant, but in no way 
would they produce more insulin, they might need to inject more or increase 
their basal delivery. 

The endo I used to work with had a few Type 1's with insulin resistence. A 
common thread with most of them was a family history of Type 2. Since the 
cause of Type 1 is believed to be autoimmune, and the cause of Type 2 is 
believed to be genetic, then it is possible to have both.  We did have some 
Type 1's with this problem taking an oral insulin sensitizer (acarbose, 
metformin, or glitizones).  Please note that some of these individuals were 
overweight, also, and with a weight loss program, used less insulin, thus 
becoming more sensitive and less resistent to their insulin. 

I hope this clears up some of the confusion.

Barbara B.
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