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Re: mcdonald's at nine

Let's see... yesterday at nine I was about to start an aerobics class. 
I do this "automatically" without really analyzing all the factors, BUT:

1. I would need about 50% since I was about to work out.  Whether I was
about to work out in 45 min, 55 min, 15 min, etc. would all make a
difference for me.
2. I have been running high for a week because of allergies. (not high,
need more insulin to be more correct)
3. I am running high because my period starts next week.
4. My morning carb ratio is a LOT lower than the rest of the day
5. Fat spikes me.  Protein causes an immediate but ever so slight rise. 
Everyone is different on this one.

So my gut would say to do about 65% of whatever the carb/fat/protein
count tells me.  If I am wrong then I've got glucotabs, or if high, I
can always correct so it really doesn't matter if you are only slightly
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