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[IP] niggling weird questions pre-pump

 appt is tuesday.
last minute jitters for Momma here.
I have tried a couple of things with him, but so far the pump is coming out
the loser--he changes clothes about 5 times a day, putting on different
costumes.  So can't hook it to clothing reliably.  the belt irritates him.
His undies get whipped off at mock two when he has to go--he has to go RIGHT
NOW!  Short of staple-gunning it to his chest, or duct tape, HELP?
man, it was HARD to fill the dang thinywho--the insulin cartridge.  I though
t I was gonna get carpel tunnel before I was done!  MAN!  Now, does it get
easier, or was I possibly doing something wrong.  I have no problem taking
time to get used to stuff, but I have to know at the outset I am not doing
it incorrectly.  Probably 6 minutes from start to finish, while consulting
the book and getting myself THOROUGHLY wet with saline--sound about right
for a newbie?  MIGHT have been easier, too, if I could have used the blue
insulin fill guide, but the saline bottle had too fat a neck to clip in the

#3 I've had the pump "basaling" into a bowl for a couple hours, and that is
the tiniest little puddle of insulin.  But, if it all counts in the grand
scheme of things, how exactly does a site change go?  I sorta thought I had
this figured, but as I was fiddling I got confused.
This is what I think I know.  I say "time for site change"  I have all ready
the cartridege filled all the supplies  for site insertion.  He comes in, I
take old site out, clean new site, switch out the cartridge and get it
going.  But he has missed a certain amount of blous there--Even havingthe
cartridge filled willnot sae at least a five to 10 minute interuption.  AND,
if I leave the old site in for two hours as folks suggest, won't he be
getting TWICE the amount of bolus as
...well, there is no pump pushing the old insulin line in,but wouldn't it
still be sorta vacuuming into the site?  HELP

OK, that is it for now, but they are coming fast and furious now so expect
Thanks  in advance
Charisma :)

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