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Re: [IP] Time for a Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor?

I used the CBGM in January - what a blessing!  We discovered that I was
running in the 50s at night, and was having some really intense ups and
downs right after eating.  The testing helped us make the decision to use
Humalog in my pump instead of velosulin, and to make minute adjustments
in basals we would have never found.  It bought my A1C down from 8.6 to
7.5 in the first 10 weeks!!  Now I know why I'm shaky in the morning and
sleepy all afternoon!  It really is a tremendous thing to use.  I'm
looking to re-test next year, to see if we've pulled the peaks and
valleys into line.  There's no way you could ever find those with finger
sticks.  Not without cutting your fingers off!!  I would highly recommend
it to anyone who can.

Jean P  IDDM 9 yrs/ pumping 4 1/2 yrs
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