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RE: [IP] Skipped Meals

I do nothing if I skip a meal, the basil rate takes care of that if they are set right for you. That is the beauty of the pump and being an IS person my schedule gets very crazzzzzy.
As for hiding the pump I do not.  I do use the neoprene case, comes in lots of colors.  softens the edges and protects the pump from scratches and such.  I wear mine clipped to my belt like a pager and yes I do get asked "What is that cord on your pager?"

Vernon Catron


French Huguenot, Gordon’s Musketeers, 1st Regiment of Foot, British Marine, 1st NYV Engineers

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I have been on the pump for 1 month now and love it.  My job requires me to sometimes work through lunch, which was a major push for me to get the pump.  However, in everything I read - nothing tells me what to do "pump" wise with skipped meals.  Can anyone help?  Also, with all of the minimed pouches out there, which one seems to be the best for "hiding" your pump?
Thanks for your help.