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Re: [IP] Healthy eating?

Hi Nancy,

I think it depends entirely on the person, not necessarily on their DM 
status.  I know I eat WAY more vegetables and whole grains than the 
norm.  I also do my own cooking from scratch.  But I think that's because 
of the way I was brought up.

I learned to cook healthy meals because my Mom cooked healthy 
meals.  That's also how I came to prefer them.

But I didn't learn about Crispy Creme donuts until I joined the IP list 
<vbg>!  (Still haven't tried one, btw, but am curious.)

That being said, diabetics are certainly much more diet-aware than your 
average North American citizen.  Just look at all the people out there 
getting fat by pigging out on Fat-Free foods.  I guess they just aren't 
keyed in enough to see that while a fat-free oreo contains fewer grams of 
fat than a regular oreo it contains more sugar and just as many or more 


At 06:32 PM 3/26/00 -0500, you wrote:
 >So, do IP'ers as a group think
 >that they eat "healthier" than the average American family because
 >diet-aware, or do we eat just as much junk, and it happened to be a
 >good shopping cart day in Lenoir, NC?

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