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Subject: [IP] Carb counting when going out to dinner

This is our method for doing "restaurant food" when no carb counts are
readily available.   WE GUESS!  We try to make it somewhat educated (as in,
a chicken strip's breading is 5 grams per strip, and all those mushrooms
look like about two strips worth of breading, so let's count it as 10
grams), then check an hour or two later, and correct if we were wildly
wrong.  After a while, you get pretty good at guessing, but occasionally,
we're still way off.  We worry more about the steak - the fat and the
protein start turning to glucose 4-6 hours later, by that time, it's usually
night time, so it means correcting when we're supposed to be sleeping.

Seriously, keep good records, especially with "unknown" foods, then learn
from what happens.  Gradually, you will figure out how to deal with most

Nancy Morgan

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