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Re: [IP] Carb counting when going out to dinner

> a baked potato (it was large, but I guess I could
> guess at how much of it I ate), a salad with lettuce and tomato, and
> fried mushrooms.  I guess besides being afraid that I would
> miscalculate the salad and the potato, the fried mushrooms have me
> wondering.  How on earth do you figure out how many carbs are in the
> batter on those things?  I guess you could count how many you ate to
> figure the carbs for the mushrooms, but what about that batter?  Is
> there kind of a rule of thumb for that type of food? 

After a while you will be able to estimate fairly accurately, but as 
a guide you go by the size of the battered-fried object.

A batter fried shrimp is about 3 grams, for instance.

Go to the frozen food section of the market and look at the 
pre-prepared frozen fried stuff. Get the carb count per serving and 
the item count -- this will give you some general guidelines for 
estimating. Looking at the size of the item will then give you an 
idea of how to estimate others.

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