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Re: [IP] invitation

>You went yesterday to have a snack at McDonalds at
>9AM. McDonalds' foods show the nutrional facts.
>How did you bolus the snack?

I bolus for full. Whatever I eat, I bolus for all the carb and 1/2 the fat
and protein. For example, for 9 chicken nuggets I bolus 5 units for carb,
fat and protein, since I'm sensitive to them all. It also depends on if my
sugar is low, if I am under 70, I only bolus for 2/3 of the snack and would
take 4 units. (I use a 10 carb to 1 unit ratio). I never eat without
bolusing and even when treating lows, I bolus for half as I often overeat to
make sure I go up.


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Randi "Pixie" Bruner
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