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Re: [IP] invitation

ACK!  I read this and read it and I am also eager to know the results.  but
I have this horrible taste in my mouth......reminds me of those awful "two
trains are traveling south at 60 miles an hour" type questions in math

My real wonder with these questions is, what is the difference?  The time of
day?  It should not MAKE a difference if you are using short acting insulin
both times, right?  Cause that is one of the benefits of the pump--not
waiting for NPH to kick in whenever it gets a bee in its bonnet and decides


Charisma  ;<  (my "concentration face")

> You went yesterday to have a snack at McDonalds at
> 9AM
> You go today to have another snack at a cafeteria that
> also has the nutrirional facts for each food, at 3 PM.

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