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[IP] type II follow up for BBRAD

you had written, in response to another question:

>     In Type 2, the pancreas may initially produce more insulin to
> for defective insulin, or to overcome the cellular resistance to insulin
> pancrease is producing.

So, theoretically, a person developing Type II could be having hypos at the
beginning rather than hypers?
I have had some serious lows myself lately nad am suspecting I am goping the
way of the family history (Type II except my son Paddy who is Type I) but
the doc was not thinking that possible since I am having all lows, and only
two slightly elevated fasting bg(145, 130)  She ordered and A1C but I
suspect it will be "goos" since I have had so many lows.

This just caught my eye as something I could talk to my doc about when she
calls Tuesday.  But I want to be SURE I am understanding it correctly before
I make a fool of myself!
Charisma :)

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