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[IP] Carb counting when going out to dinner

This may have been discussed before, but now that I'm closer to getting my
pump (at least I HOPE SO), I have some questions about trying to figure out
carbs when going out to dinner.  Home is pretty straight-forward, I have my
scale and measuring devices and books and lists.  But out in a restaurant
what would I do?  For instance.  We went out last night.  I had an 8 oz
sirloin (only ate half of it, brought the rest home for lunch, would never
eat that much meat at one sitting), a baked potato (it was large, but I
guess I could guess at how much of it I ate), a salad with lettuce and
tomato, and fried mushrooms.  I guess besides being afraid that I would
miscalculate the salad and the potato, the fried mushrooms have me
wondering.  How on earth do you figure out how many carbs are in the batter
on those things?  I guess you could count how many you ate to figure the
carbs for the mushrooms, but what about that batter?  Is there kind of a
rule of thumb for that type of food?  We don't eat fried stuff a lot, just
occasionally when we go out to eat.  Another treat is fried onions, there's
a restaurant here that makes wonderfully delicious ones.  Thanks much, I
think the carb counting is going to be my biggest learning adventure with

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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