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Re[IP] Am I reading this right?

Actually, you are reading this out of context of a text that  
has much information left out. 
    In Type 2, the pancreas may initially produce more insulin to compensate 
for defective insulin, or to overcome the cellular resistance to insulin the 
pancrease is producing. Both of these defects seem to be the problem in 
Type2. Type 1 is a bit more simplistic...decreasing insulin production to no 
insulin production within an unkown time frame. The time varies with the age 
of the individual.  Reseach shows this event to be much quicker in children 
than young or older adults.

Barbara B.

<<In type 1 diabetes, which affects 10 to 15 percent of all diabetics, the 
pancreas cannot make insulin to regulate blood glucose. The condition often 
develops in patients before the age of 30 and requires insulin therapy.  
Insulin resistance occurs when the body does not properly use insulin to
metabolize blood sugar. To compensate, the body produces more insulin and 
results in an oversupply...>>
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