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Re: [IP] To parents...fear

Mag asked:

<<Why does the liver sometimes dump, others not????????  I
HATE diabetes, but LOVE this list. Just reading all the posts today reminds
me i'm am not alone, i have you all!  Thanks guys, gals,
everyone.............feeling like crap, and yes extremely tired too!>>

I've had D for nearly 37 years, and I've never been afraid that I would die
during the night.  And, I've had my share of lows during sleep, in fact, I
lived alone for a period of time, before blood testing was possible, and I
always managed to wake up each morning, no matter how bad the night was.  It
always seemed that my liver took care of me and dumped, it's never let me
down.  Even the one time when I had a really bad time (I believe at that
time I could have died) the old liver finally kicked in and brought me out
of it, just as hubby was getting ready to dial 911.  I don't mean to sound
nonchalant about it, I'm sure my own mother had her fears (she had 2 of us
to take care of, my sister was dx'd when she was 4), but I try to live as
normal a life as I can, and I try not to let any fears slow me down.  I'm
hoping it will be even better when I finally get on my pump.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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