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Re: [IP] Fears

Jaynee wrote:

<<However, as we all know, diatetes has
horrible effects on peoples' lives.  When Jerry has those reactions in the
night, his BG drops so quickly that he cannot wake up.  Anyone who does not
have these type of reactions has a lot to be thankful for--cuz it is

I also do not wake up when I get low at night.  I begin jerking about on the
bed and sometimes fall out (I have injured myself on the way to the floor).
I do, however, wake up if I'm high.  We are all different, and some of us
can't be expected to always take complete care of ourselves due to
hypoglycemic unawareness (which I have).  I test myself a lot during the
day, since it's the only way I can keep close tabs on my bgs.  I recently
signed on with a local medical equipment supplier for my testing equipment
and when I told them I tested 8 or more times a day, they acted amazed.
Wow, I thought lots of people with diabetes tested that much.  Guess they
all don't.

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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