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[IP] Taking an extra shower?

Sara wrote:

<<As for the "extra shower"...that is another extra thing you can probably
eliminate.  Just get a washcloth, some soap and water and voila...your
body doesn't need to be clean...just a square inch or so...or just use plain
old alcohol to wipe some of the surface gunk off, and skin prep - unless you
are super susceptible, or roll around in a slop pile, I wouldn't worry about
an infection.>>

When I did my pump trial at my endo's office, all I did was wipe down the
site with an IV Prep.  My CDE told me that it disinfects as well as makes
the skin tacky so the tape will stick better.  While I've heard some people
say that taking a shower makes the infusion set insert easier, I also think
it's unneccessary, but I'll let you all know when I get to finally use my
pump in real life!

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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