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[IP] seizure question--Darlene

Darlene wrote:  But my ? is - seizures - just how can I tell he is having
them ...   He acts drunk, glassy eyes, falls down, doesnt repsond to me or
anyone, drops things, can't hold anything, slurred speech, hand and feet
are numb...
We had an appt with a nurologist in Nov - but since he was going on pump in 
Dec - I canceled it...

Hi Darlene and all--

As Sara says, I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on tv--but I did teach
special needs children for ten years, and I think these symptoms are
definitely worth getting a neurological checkup.  

I had a student many years ago who had much less obvious signs than you
describe, and when we (finally) got a neurological evaluation we found that
he was having petit mal seizures as often as ten times an hour.  I'm not
trying to scare you (we've all got enough things in our lives to worry
about), but since you have concerns and your Endo doesn't seem to be
reacting to those areas outside of his area of expertise (my TACTFUL
description of his response!), I know I'd feel better knowing more about
what might be happening to your sweet boy.  If nothing else, your worries
could be put to rest by ruling out some possibilities. 

Just my humble opinion!

:)  Doreen in Wyoming 

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