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[IP] Seizures or Not?

Kap was dxd w/ adhd pre D.  Since starting insulin shot and or pump he has 
But my ? is - seizures - just how can I tell he is having them with HIGH bgs. 
(over 200) the worse it gets
Or could you have them with highs? - Endo said no - but endo doesnt know my 
child like I do!
He acts drunk, glassy eyes, falls down, doesnt repsond to me or anyone, drops 
things, can't hold anything, slurred speech, hand and feet are numb.
To me this sounds like something is going on in his head - with HIGH bgs and 
not low bgs.
We had an appt with a nurologist in Nov - but since he was going on pump in 
Dec - I canceled it - until his bgs was better under control.  Which it is on 
some days - but then again - you guys know D.
Also, he did wake up Sat morning at 7am - thinking he was was low - I checked 
him he was 92 - but all the low signs were there, sick to tummy, hungry, 
headache, weak, pale. and most of all felt low and calling me. This was a 
first!  - My guess it was a rebound for a low low.  - 
He has woke up a couple of times in the -65 -69 range with headache only - 
other than that normal feelings.
Thanks for Listening!
Darlene - Mom to Kap - age 9 - Both wired backwards but we still work!
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