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[IP] Fear(of the diabetic)

Well I can speak from both sides of this fence. I am a IDDM for almost 30
years and have a 24 yr old son with IDDM, going on 9 years! I remember as a
child being afraid to go to sleep because I was afraid I wouldn't wake up if I
had a hypo. Then just a few years after my son was dxd, I found him
unconscious in bed,I thought he had gone to work! Well then it happened 2 more
times in less than 3 weeks! Every time he had to go by ambulance to the ER. To
this day if he's asleep, I am afraid that maybe he isn't JUST sleeping. I
worry when he is driving also, I am the one who learned that lesson the hard
way though. I totaled my car by passing out and hitting a telephone pole on my
way home fom my Drs appt!!  I also have a child with asthma. His first attack
was so bad he collapsed a lung trying to breathe! I worry just as much about
him as the son with DM. I think its just a natural instinct. We know that it's
the child suffering, but I feel the pain as if it's my own just the same.

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