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Re: [IP] IP] 3 am's forever?


I also see that even if I am lazy and don't test geneva...the worst case
scenario was that she was about 250 in the am.

now...I have to say that she is "low aware"  and will automatically wake up
if nearing the danger zone.

so, in our case...I don't worry about lows.  I worry about her being really,
really high.

but since we have these basals somewhat OK....she  doesn't really wake up in
the over 300 zone.

> If you did have to get up every morning at 3am, then can someone please
> me what the heck is the point of the pump anyway

>..if the pump can allow us to sleep in on satuday morning, since
> we don't have to worry about an NPH peak anymore, why can't it allow us a
> complete night of sleep....why can't it allow us a day of unabashed
> laziness???

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